Open Gate Foundation Helping the needy people through your help!

About Us

Our Vision

We seek to promote a world where there is hope for all orphans, hopeless and needy alike, tolerance and social justice, where poverty has greatly been overcome and all people live in dignity and security.

Our Mission

Open gate foundation hopes to have a global impact taking Africa and Nigeria precisely as it stepping stone we works to save lives, alleviate poverty and achieve social justice by improving the standard of living for both rural and suburban communities.

Our Focus

We put women orphans’ and the health impoverished in the centre because we know that we cannot overcome poverty until all people have access to good health care, hope, equal rights and opportunities.


We at Open gates foundations are Independent of Religious, political, ethnic, commercial and military objectives. We provide assistance on the basis of need, regardless of race, creed or nationality addressing the rights of vulnerable groups, particularly women and orphans.
Open gate foundation follows a set of Programming Principles. Open gate foundation principles are aligned with those of many other humanitarian agencies, and include:

  • Promote empowerment
  • Work in partnership with others ·
  • Ensure accountability and promote responsibility
  • Address discrimination
  • Promote the non-violent resolution of conflicts
  • Seek sustainable results